Welcome to the Cybersecurity program!

Texas Southmost College Cybersecurity

Statement of Purpose

The Cybersecurity Program prepares individuals to assess the security needs of computer and network systems, recommend safeguard solutions, and manage the implementation and maintenance of security devices, systems, and procedures. The program features instruction in computer architecture, programming, systems analysis, networking, telecommunications, cryptography, security system design, applicable law and regulations, risk assessment and policy analysis, contingency planning, user access issues, investigation techniques, and troubleshooting.

Program Overview

The program prepares students to work in Cyber Security and Network Systems related positions in Information Technology. The curriculum integrates hands-on labs and skill assessments using specialized software, virtual simulations, and network devices. Students gain a number of highly marketable skills, including the ability to assess and apply security measures to protect computers and network systems, as well as monitor and maintain security devices and systems. Graduates from the program will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree, as well as nationally recognized industry credentials, such as CompTIA and Certified Ethical Hacker.