Welcome to the Agriculture program!

Statement of Purpose

The Agriculture Program at TSC offers two degrees designed for students who seek to further their educational and professional goals in the field of agriculture or agribusiness. Both degrees provide a strong foundation leading directly to a career or for transfer to a university in any of the dynamic agricultural and natural resources areas. Graduates from the Agriculture program may pursue a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agricultural science, or animal science. Graduates from the Agribusiness program may pursue a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business, agricultural economics, horticultural science, plant and soil sciences, or poultry science.

Program Overview

Students will gain foundational knowledge in:

  • Agricultural systems
  • Principles and practices in the development, production, and management of field crops
  • Impact of the environment and technology on plant production
  • Fundamental economic principles and their application in the agricultural industry

Students Will

  • Demonstrate knowledge of plant and animal organisms, their tissues, cells, functions, interdependencies, and interactions with each other and the environment,
  • Conduct experiments and effectively communicate the results of scientific investigations of various field crops focusing on impact or adaptation to specific soils or climates,
  • Investigate methods and impact of environmental manipulation and technologies on plant production, and
  • Apply economic principles to agricultural production, marketing, and consumption.