Cashiers & Student Accounting

Statement of Purpose:

The Office of Cashiers & Student Accounting’s mission is to provide remarkable service to all students, maintain the accuracy of student accounts, and promptly respond to students’ needs.

The office is responsible for billing students’ tuition and fees; collecting and analyzing all student charges, fees, refund policies, and sponsorships; creating payment plans to help students pay their accounts in full; disbursing student and parent refunds; and issuing parking permits.

Student Accounting is committed to helping students and their families meet their financial obligations to the college by providing superior quality service. The office takes pride providing accurate and immediate responses to inquiries; taking appropriate actions regarding all student accounts in compliance with federal, state, and local government regulations; and responding to student and parent inquiries about financial issues in a helpful, informed, and courteous manner.

Services provided
  1. Refunds (BankMobile Disbursements)
  2. Obtain your 1098-T
  3. Student Invoicing
  4. Payments

Emergency Tuition Loan

Texas Southmost College offers an Emergency Tuition Loan, which is a short-term loan geared to protect course enrollment. The Emergency Tuition Loan is for tuition and mandatory fees only (not books). Loan must be paid by Friday of the third week once the semester begins.

Qualifications for Emergency Tuition Loan

Students who wish to apply for an Emergency Tuition Loan must:

  • have applied for Financial Aid and completed all Financial Aid paperwork
  • be in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher)
  • be enrolled for six or more credit hours that are eligible for Financial Aid
  • have a zero account balance with TSC for prior semesters
  • not be on Financial Aid suspension

Application Process:

To apply for an Emergency Tuition Loan:

  1. Download and review Emergency Tuition Loan Information
  2. Fill out and sign the Emergency Tuition Loan Information, then submit to [email protected]. Requests will be screened for eligibility. This form will be available from 01/05/2024 to 01/12/2024
  3. Decisions about approval/denial will be communicated via email
  4. If approved, complete the highlighted sections in the Emergency Tuition Loan (Promissory Note) upon approval and submit to [email protected]
  5. Final notifications regarding approval of Emergency Tuition Loans will be communicated via email

Q&A for Emergency Tuition Loan

What is an Emergency Student Loan?
A short-term loan to cover your tuition and mandatory fees

How fast can I get an Emergency Student Loan?
Within two business days after Emergency Tuition Loan Information is submitted

Do I have to pay interest for an Emergency Loan?
No, the emergency tuition loan is interest-free

What is the maximum loan amount?
The amount will not exceed $500.00

What is the payment deadline for the Emergency Tuition Loan?
The payment deadline is the Friday of the third week once the semester begins

How do I apply for the Emergency Loan?
Fill out the Emergency Tuition Loan Information Form on the application process and submit it to [email protected]