Dual Credit


The Dual Credit program builds an academic bridge to college, providing students and their parents with a preview of post-secondary standards and expectations while studying in a familiar high school classroom setting.

Through the Dual Credit program, eligible high school students may enroll in college courses while attending high school, taking courses in place of, or in addition to, the normal course load at their high school. High school students admitted to the program must meet the same requirements as all other college students within the guidelines established by The Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Students participating in the program may receive college credit only or may earn both high school and college credit, as determined by the students’ high school policy. College credit earned upon completing dual credit courses may be applied towards an associate’s degree at TSC or transferred to other colleges and universities.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses are required to maintain regular and punctual attendance in all classes.
  • The student is responsible for communicating with faculty members concerning any absence (in advance whenever possible).
  • The student may be required to present evidence to support an absence, and make-up work for class absences will be permitted only as specified by the faculty in the course syllabus.
  • Dropping a course is the responsibility of the student, and not taking the appropriate steps to do so may result in a grade of “F” (fail) for the course.
  • Faculty may withdraw students before the withdrawal deadline when, in the opinion of the faculty, the student would have difficulty completing the course.

Campus Services

Dual Credit students can access the campus library and tutoring services with their TSC student ID card. Dual Credit students do not have access to the TSC Recreation Center.