Welcome to the Architecture Program!

Texas Southmost College Architecture

Statement of Purpose

The architecture program at Texas Southmost College is the only program in South Texas offering an Associate of Science in Architecture degree (AS. ARCH). The curriculum includes a full range of lower division (foundational) architectural courses that are typically required for the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. These courses are transferable to most universities throughout Texas, as well as other states. Also, these courses may transfer to degrees in interior design, landscape architecture, and construction management. The program’s dedicated faculty and staff provide assistance for students during the transfer process.

Through innovative pedagogy, this program will cultivate critical thinking, creativity, social responsibility, and collaboration skills. Service-learning projects and community-engagement initiatives allow students to develop their design skills through participation in a hands-on learning experience that is both authentic and meaningful.

Program Overview

Graduates from TSC’s Architecture Program will be able to:

  1. use appropriate graphic skills and digital drafting techniques for design presentation purposes;
  2. complete the initial three phases of a typical design process, including Pre-Design (PD), Schematic Design (SD), and Design Development (DD) for small scale architectural, urban, and landscape projects;
  3. comprehend the fundamental principles of structural system behaviors and mechanical and structural systems;
  4. identify major Western art and architectural styles throughout history; and
  5. effectively participate in teamwork and community service activities through public interest design.

Community Partners