Welcome to the General Studies Program!


Statement of Purpose

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board adopted requirements for a 42-hour core curriculum, and students pursuing an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree may be required to complete these curriculum requirements.

Program Overview

The Core Curriculum is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for an educated person to read, write, and speak effectively; use mathematics competently; exercise critical thinking skills; and promote a lifestyle of sound well-being. It equips students with the ability to listen and respond to differing views and work with others to seek, analyze, and use information in completing tasks and solving problems. A student who completes the 42-hour Core Curriculum at TSC may transfer the block of courses to any other Texas public college or public university, which must count the block for their Core Curriculum. The student will receive credit for each core curriculum category completed and transferred. Although Core Curriculum requirements are satisfied, some courses in the Core may not apply to a degree plan at the receiving college or university.