Welcome to the Computer Science Program!


Texas Southmost College computer science

Statement of Purpose

The Associate of Science in Computer Science (AS.COSC) degree prepares professionals in the areas of software development. This degree will lead students to transfer to a four-year university and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Master of Science in Computer Science. This degree can prepare students for numerous entry-level jobs in the fields of computers and information technology. Graduates typically meet minimum requirements for many web development, support, and programming careers. It is strongly recommended, however, to pursue the professional four-year degree as soon as the students complete the associate’s degree.

Computer science is a discipline of engineering that prepares students to design, create, test, and evaluate application software such as computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, artificial intelligence, or robotics. It focuses on theoretical studies and the methods used to solve problems, and it expands into the practical issues needed to implement new computer systems. In simple terms, Computer Science is studying and developing new computer technology. Computer science students enjoy challenges and the constant learning of new technology and programming languages. They will find jobs in the fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence, telephony, computer networking, telecommunications, database systems programming, computer graphics, computer gaming, embedded systems programming, operating system design, and computer architecture design, to name a few.

Program Overview

Graduates will be able to:

  1. apply information structures to computer science applications,
  2. explain data representation and the transformation of data,
  3. identify the role of computer hardware in processing information, and
  4. apply their understanding of software and hardware structures in scientific or industrial applications.