Communication and Language

TSC Communication and Learning

Welcome to the Department of Communication and Language at Texas Southmost College!

The faculty’s mission is to provide students with high-quality education in the fields of English, Communication, Speech, and Spanish, building foundational skills in critical thinking, research, public speaking, and participation in diverse civic and cultural communities. In these courses, students gain knowledge of the oral, visual, and written communication skills necessary to engage effectively in academic and professional discourse, ensuring Texas Southmost College’s students excel within their degree programs and in their chosen career fields. By fostering information literacy, interdisciplinary connections, and creative and analytical thinking, the courses promote academic success and enrich students’ understanding of the world.

Faculty within the department are committed to advancing the liberal arts and providing rigorous yet compelling classes that satisfy General Education core and elective course requirements. With a wide variety of courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Spanish for Native/Heritage Speakers, World Literature, Creative Writing, and Technical and Business Writing, the Communication and Language Department is dedicated to meeting the diverse educational needs and interests of all TSC students.