TSI Help Links

TSI Practice (All Subject Areas)


TSIA2 Retest Practice – students that have attempted new TSIA2 version

  1. TSIA Pearson Perceptive – must have your Locator code from your Student Report

MATH LINKS – The four content areas for Math are as follows: Elementary Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, Intermediate Algebra and Functions, Data Analysis/Statistics and Probability.

  1. TSIA2 Math
  2. Khan Academy
  3. Your Teacher Math Test Prep
  4. Algebra Resources
  5. Introduction to Elementary Algebra
  6. TSI Practice Test.com
  7. Test Prep Review by Mometrix

READING and WRITING LINKS – The four content areas for Writing are as follows: Literary Analysis, Inferences in a Text or Texts, Main Idea and Supporting Details and Author’s Use of Language Essay Revision, Sentence Structure, Agreement, and Sentence Logic.

  1. TSIA2 English Language Arts and Reading
  2. TSIA2 ELAR Essay
  3. English Hints.com
  4. Accuplacer Practice test – Free Sample
  5. Test Prep Review – Free online practice tests
  6. TSI Reading Practice Test
  7. Test Prep Review by Mometrix
  8. Accuplacer Essay- YouTube
  9. How to Write an Essay – Beginner’s Guide
  10. CollegeBoard – WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays
  11. TSI Practice Test.com – Essay Guide

TSIA2 Interpret Your Scores – students that have TSIA2 scores

  1. TSIA2 Score Report

TSIA2 Download Your Scores – ** TSC Students – Add a zero in front of TSC ID number EX: 01555555

  1. Score Report

TSIA2 Test Taking Tutorials

  1. Mouse and Keyboard
  2. Calculator and Highlighter