Criminal Justice Institute

Texas Southmost College is a fully licensed state law enforcement training program. For more information about the program, visit the Criminal Justice Institute page.


Willemina Edwards
Director of Criminal Justice Institue
(956) 295-3723
[email protected]


The Testing Office provides the TSI Assessment for students interested in applying for this program.  The applicant must have valid non-expired TSI Assessment scores when submitting their application. In order to register for a TSI Assessment test session, follow the steps below.
TSI Assessment Scores – College Ready
Reading: 351
Math:     350
Writing:  340+ Multiple Choice with 4+ Essay
             339 or lower MC with ABE 4+ with a 5+ Essay



Step 1. TSC ID Number Required
Students new to TSC system must visit the Workforce Training and Continuing Education office, to be issued a TSC ID number.

Students that have previously been part of UTB/TSC system, may continue using their old ID number.

Step 2. Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)
The Pre-Assessment Activity is a State requirement for all students that are new to TSI Assessment testing. The importance of the PAA is to help students understand how the TSI assessment will determine the correct courses to register for at TSC. The PAA also provides information on the college to help students be more successful.

Option 1: Take Online Pre-Assessment Activity or

Option 2: Students with TSC ID number come in as a walk-ins to complete the PAA in person. The Pre-Assessment Activity is held in the TSC Testing Lab, located in the Oliveira Student Services building.

The PAA is hosted every Friday, unless otherwise stated, between 8 a.m. – 3p.m.

Step 3. Payment
TSC Testing Staff will verify the student is eligible to test: TSC ID number and completion of Pre-Assessment Activity.

Testing Staff will provide a “Test Payment” form and payment will be made at TSC Cashier office.

TSC Cashiers are located at Oliveira Student Service Bldg, (956) 295-3420.

Payments Methods Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, and Money Orders

Step 4. Schedule TSI Assessment Test
Student will provide payment receipt in order to schedule TSI Assessment test session(s). The receipt is provided to student after payment is received by TSC Cashier Office.

Scheduling of test session will be done in Testing Office.