Credit by Exam

Texas Southmost College recognizes the credit-granting scores recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). Students can be granted a maximum of 32 hours of non-course based credit. No credit will be awarded until the student has successfully completed as least six (6) hours of course credit from Texas Southmost College.

CLEP/ AP students will earn equivalent college credit from TSC when attaining the scores indicated and the credit is treated as equal to a grade of C in the corresponding course (but is not included in GPA calculations).

Request for AP/ CLEP Score Entry

pdfAP or CLEP Request Form

  • Students must submit a request form (AP/CLEP score entry form) and official AP/CLEP scores to the Testing Office.
  • If a student misplaces their official scores they must request an additional official score report from the College Board website.
  • Student must then submit the scores to the Testing Office at Texas Southmost College.
  • Testing Specialist verifies if the official scores are met. If scores are met, there is a 24 hour waiting period for them to appear in the system.
  • An Admissions Specialist will receive a list from the Testing Office of students who met the requirements for AP/CLEP credit and will award a grade of “CR” for these students.
  • The student will be responsible for following up with an Admissions Specialist, to verify if the credit(s) is/are awarded.
  • Student meets with an Academic Advisor to discuss how these courses have been applied to their degree plan.

pdfTSC Approved Credit by Exam Courses

How to Sign Up

To register, students must log in to the CLEP My Account Registration Portal and follow the steps to sign up for a CLEP exam. When they reach the Preferred Test Center section, students can select at home with remote proctoring as their preferred test center and will be charged a $30 remote proctoring fee at checkout along with the $89 exam fee.

After registration is complete, the student will receive a confirmation email from CLEP with instructions on how to create an account and schedule their at-home exam appointment with Proctortrack.

To learn more, visit the At-Home CLEP Exams page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] with “At-Home CLEP Exams” in the subject line.

Credit for International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD)

pdfInternational Baccalaureate Request Form

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an International program of courses and exams offered at the high school level.

In keeping with Senate Bill 111, Texas Southmost College will grant (CR) credit for IB exams with certain required scores.

TSC students may be eligible to receive up to 24 hours of credit for courses completed with a minimum test score of 4 in either the Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) subject group examinations.

However, course credit does not have to be awarded on any IB exams where the score received is a 3 or less. This may mean that such students will not receive 24 hours of college credit, even if they have an IB diploma.

pdfInternational Baccalaureate Courses

Eligibility for Award of Credit

Prior to the award of credit for IB diplomas or certificates, the student:

  1. Must meet all admissions requirements of the College.
  2. Must have earned six (6) hours of credit with TSC.
  3. Must submit an official IB diploma or certificate and request examination scores directly from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to the TSC Testing Office.
  4. Must have received at least a minimum score of 4 on the curriculum subject examination.
  5. All IB students must show proof of meeting the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements prior to their enrollment.

TSC students requesting diploma evaluations should consider the total number of qualifying credits to be awarded.

Additional hours above the required amount to graduate may have an adverse impact on students’ financial aid or other grant programs.

In addition, students who have completed courses in the IBD program but who have not received the diploma may also receive college credit for completion of IBD courses with a score of 4 on the IBD examination.

Math Placement Exam: College Algebra and Pre-calculus

Cost of Test: $0

Dual Enrollment and First-time students that have no previous course experience in College Algebra and/or Pre-Calculus can take the exam. The exam is based on the final exam for the course and thus covers the course content. The student that meets a minimum score of 70, will receive credit and bypass the course and register for the next course in the sequence.

Sign-Up and Administration
The test is given on campus at any time and by appointment. To set-up, an appointment, contact the Math Department Chair (956.295.3534).

Exam Topics:
College Algebra (Click HERE)
Pre-Calculus (Click HERE)