TSC Digital Library


The TSC community can access the digital library at its physical location in SET.B. 1.536, where computers, printing, study rooms, and reference assistance are available.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Weekends: Closed


Beginning a research journey can seem scary, but the digital library is there to help! The following documents provide a step-by-step guide on how to begin research using the TSC Digital Library Database.

Digital Library Scholarly Search

Pathways to Research – Education, Business, Economic, and Sustainability

The TSC Digital Library currently offers Pathways to Research, a new database designed to assist students with developing the ability to locate, understand, evaluate, and apply sources of information during the research process.

Click here to learn more.

The following are a series of EBSCO video tutorials. The videos provide an overview of how to conduct a basic search, advanced search, and how to improve search results.

These guides are the first to starting the research process.

The Learning Express Library is a collection of resources designed to help students improve their academic skills and study for exams. It also features a Computer Skills Center, Job and Career Accelerator, and Career Center.

Click here to learn more. 

In addition to the online research database, the digital library also has free open educational resources available to students for a variety of different subjects.

OER for Art
Museo Nacional de Arte
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
The Met
The Guggenheim Museum
Google Arts and Culture
Smithsonian Libraries
Europeana Collections

OER for History
Europeana Collections
Brownsville Historical Association
Library of Congress
Digital Public Library of America

OER for Biology
Virtual Biology Lab
The Ecological Society of America
Microscope Imaging Station
Biology OER

OER for Computer Science/Coding
World Wide Web Consortium
W3 Schools

OER for English/Literature/Writing
Perseus Digital Library
Project Gutenberg
Purdue University
American Psychological Association (APA)
MLA Style Center
The Chicago Manual of Style Online

OA Journals and Books
Directory of Open Access Journals
Community College Consortium for OER
Directory of Open Access Books

OER for Math/Statistics
West Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab

OER Textbooks
Open Intro
Ed Tech Books
Open Stax
Open Textbook Library
Open BC Campus
Saylor.org Academy
Open Oregon Educational Resources
OER Commons

OER for Sciences (multiple)
National Academies
MIT Open Courseware

OER for A&P/Nursing
Live Science
Live Science-Respiratory System
Live Science-Circulatory System
Live Science-Muscular System
Live Science-Endocrine System
Live Science-Urinary System
Live Science-Skeletal System
Live Science-Digestion System
Live Science-Nervous System
Live Science-Integumentary System
Live Science-Immune System
Live Science-Lymphatic System
Britannica Encyclopedia
National Library of Medicine-Books
National Library of Medicine-PMC

OER for multiple areas
Open Michigan Educational Resources
Applied Math and Science Education Repository
Texas Higher Education
OER Commons
Galileo Open Learning Materials
Mason OER Metafinder
ULS Digital Collections
Teaching Commons
IMF eLibrary

OER for psychology

OER courses/course materials for instructors
OpenCourse Library
Lumen Learning
Lumen Catalog
Washington State Catalog

OER for language learning
Center for Open Educational Resources

Search for images and more
Creative Commons

TSC Student Laptop Check-out

Laptop Terms of Use Policy – Texas Southmost College (TSC)

To borrow a laptop from the Digital Library, students must agree to the following terms of use:

  • I agree to take care of the laptop.
  • I agree that the laptop will remain in my possession until it is returned to the kiosk.
  • I agree that I will not allow anyone else to use the laptop.
  • I agree to alert the library staff to any possible damage that may have occurred when the laptop is in my possession and before its return.
  • I agree that I am responsible for any lost or damaged laptop checked out to me.
  • I understand that the laptop will be checked out for 48 hours and will be returned by the time it is due.
  • I understand that fees and/or fines may apply if I return the laptop late or damaged. If fees and/or fines are not paid, a hold may be placed on my TSC student account, which may prohibit me from registering for courses or obtaining my official transcript.
  • I understand that I cannot store any personal information on the laptop, and TSC is not responsible for any lost information. All information will be cleared after closing the laptop.
Laptop Equipment Checkout Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check out a laptop or other equipment?
TSC students can check out a laptop using their TSC ID and single sign-on password at the laptop kiosk located in SET.B. 1.536.

How do I log on to the laptop once I check it out?
Once a TSC student checks out a laptop using their TSC ID and single sign-on password at the laptop kiosk in SET.B. 1.536, they can log on with the username “tsc user” and no password needed.

How much does it cost?
This is a free service provided to currently enrolled TSC college students. However, late fees will apply if the laptop is turned in late. There is a $5 per day late fee for the laptop if it is past due. The maximum late fee is $1,025. If the laptop is lost, stolen, not returned, or damaged, the replacement fee is $1,025. There is a $2 per day late fee for the charger. The charger replacement fee if lost, stolen, not returned, or damaged is $50.

What are the rules for checking out a laptop?
There are a variety of rules which apply when checking out a laptop.

  • You are responsible for the full replacement value of any stolen, damaged, or lost equipment while it is checked out to you.
  • You may not check out equipment for other students, non-students, or suspended users.
  • You must return the laptop by the due date and time. A $5 per day late fee applies for the laptop.
  • Laptops or equipment not returned in a timely manner, as described in the sign-out agreement form, will result in a maximum $1,025 late fee, a hold on your registration, official transcripts, and notification of TSC Security.
  • Repeated incidents of damage and/or neglect or not following TSC checkout policy, including repeated failure to return devices on time, may result in the revocation of checkout privileges from TSC.

What are those late fees, again?
$5 for every 24 hours past the due date and time the laptop or equipment is not turned in.

How can I pay my late fee?
Late fees can be paid at the TSC Cashier’s Office in Oliveira Student Service Center.

What if I have  a technical problem?
You may email [email protected] or call helpdesk at 956-295-3800

Where can I use the wireless networking capabilities on the Fort Brown campus and ITEC center?
“TSC Wifi Portal” and legacy “Eduroam” are both available to students on both the Fort Brown campus and ITEC Center