Safety & Aquatics

Pool Safety Rules

  • The pool may only be used when a lifeguard is present
  • Diving or any flips are not allowed from the pool deck
  • No running or tag games are allowed in the pool area
  • Lifeguard chairs are restricted to employees only
  • Rough play, shoving, dunking, or horseplay are not allowed
  • No spitting or spouting pool water
  • Glass containers are not allowed on the pool deck
  • Only Coast Guard approved floatation devices are allowed in the pool
  • Profane language or offensive behaviors are not allowed
  • Do not hang or pull on the lane lines or basketball goals
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not utilize the pool
  • Visiting with the on-duty lifeguard(s) is prohibited
  • During emergencies, follow the lifeguard’s instructions
  • One long whistle blast indicates that patrons should clear the pool immediately
  • Refusal to follow pool rules may result in removal from the facility

Pool Check-Out Equipment
The Lifeguard Office offers equipment for check out for your aquatic needs, including kickboards, pool buoys, lifejackets, pool noodles, fins, water basketballs, and volleyballs.
Pool Equipment

Inclement Weather Policy
In the event of inclement weather (severe storm, pouring rain, and/or lightning) in the area, the Recreation Center Pool will close in order to ensure the safety of all patrons and staff. The pool will re-open for activity once the inclement weather has passed.
In the Case of Lightning
The Recreation Center has a lightning detection system that will sound an alert when lightning is in the area. The pool will be cleared when lightning is detected within a 10-mile radius of the facility. When lightning is detected, one long whistle blast will sound, indicating that all patrons and staff should exit the water and seek shelter. The facility will reopen 30 minutes after the last bolt of lightning is detected.
In Case of a Severe Storm or Pouring Rain
Severe storms and pouring rain decrease the visibility of the bottom of the pool. For the safety of all patrons, the Recreation Center Pool will close when the lifeguards can no longer see the bottom of the pool. The pool will re-open for activity when the storm has passed, and the bottom of the pool is visible.
In Case of Cold Weather
The Recreation Center Pool will close if the air temperature is below 50 degrees or lower. The Recreation Center Pool will close when the water temperature is 60 degrees or lower.