Welcome to the Commercial and Residential Electrician program!

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Commercial and Residential Electrician program is to provide opportunities for individuals to develop competencies essential for lifelong learning and a career in workforce programs leading to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The Commercial and Residential Electrician Program was designed by the department working in close collaboration with business and industry to satisfy the need for a timely and effective workforce. The department offers an AAS degree consisting of a coherent sequence of courses designed to prepare students for employment. A certificate in Electrician Technology will prepare students for entry level positions in an electrician career. It also provides hands-on instruction in all aspects of maintenance, operations, troubleshooting and repair of circuits.

Program Overview

  • Demonstrate ability to understand requirements of the National Electrical Code in all wiring installations.
  • Understand and apply knowledge in layout, assembly, installation, and troubleshooting of fixtures, devices, services, heating systems, pumps, motors, and motor controls used in residential, commercial, and some industrial locations.
  • Understand and apply knowledge of electrical theory and techniques of the trade, including blueprint reading, wiring, pipe bending, motor control, switching, power circuits and lockout/tag out procedures.