Welcome to the Paralegal Studies Program!

Mission & Philosophy
Consistent with the mission of Texas Southmost College, the faculty of the Paralegal Studies program is committed to providing students with an education that encompasses the theoretical, practical, and ethical skills necessary for gainful employment in a career as a paralegal.

Consistent with the college’s values, the Paralegal Studies program strives to serve the workforce needs of the legal community by teaching students to understand legal concepts and their practical application. The paralegal studies program seeks to improve verbal and written communication skills. Students develop proficiency in using legal terminology and gain the knowledge necessary to meet the ethical obligations of paralegals and attorneys.

Program Overview

Texas Southmost College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. Students who complete the AAS-Paralegal Studies program have the opportunity to seek employment in a variety of legal settings, and they learn foundational legal concepts in courses designed to develop a strong foundation in the tasks necessary to contribute to the legal profession and law office management.

The bedrock of the Paralegal Studies program is the non-negotiable requirement that all graduates possess the ability to recognize and unwaveringly follow the highest level of ethical conduct mandated by the legal profession.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies prepares graduates for legal work in many vital economic areas, including law firms, federal and state governments, and numerous financial, insurance, and nonprofit corporations. Because the law has profound implications in all aspects of our daily lives, students are encouraged to pair a legal education with their passions in order to allow them the opportunity to create exciting lifetime careers.

Transferred legal specialty courses will be approved as course substitutions, when appropriate, by the Program Coordinator. All transfer students must take at least 12 semester credits of Texas Southmost College legal specialty courses in the traditional classroom setting.


Paralegals are not attorneys and, as such, may neither provide direct or indirect legal services nor render direct or indirect legal advice to the public, except as both explicitly permitted by law and under the direct supervision of a licensed Texas attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas.