The latest class of Texas Southmost College’s Certified Nursing Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician program celebrated its completion at a pinning ceremony held Thursday at TSC International Technology, Education, and Commerce Center (ITECC).

Ten CNAs and six Phlebotomy students participated in the graduation ceremony, a longstanding tradition for those who satisfactorily complete TSC’s medical programs as part of Workforce Development. Working in conjunction with Brownsville Independent School District Adult Continuing Education, the programs aim to provide students with comprehensive training in crucial areas within the healthcare field. 

“These programs are linked to a grant designed for students who did not complete their high school diploma but wish to return to education,” said Ricardo Rivera, Director of Adult Education for Brownsville ISD and Cameron County. “The programs assist these students in obtaining their GED and, through a partnership with TSC, provide a scholarship for certification in fields like the CNA program. Students can earn their GED, pursue certification, secure employment, and serve as positive role models for others from similar backgrounds.”

As part of their training, students in these programs are given the opportunity to practice their techniques through clinical rotations at designated partner sites such as Valley Regional Medical Hospital of Brownsville, Valley Baptist Medical Hospital, New Horizon Medical Center, and Su Clinica Familiar Brownsville. In addition to facilitating important hands-on training with real patients and medical staff, these rotations give students the opportunity to start making professional connections that may assist them in securing a job soon after graduation.  

Before receiving their pins, the CNA graduates recited the Nightingale Pledge, a ceremonial oath outlining the ethics and principles of those about to enter the nursing profession. The phlebotomy students were administered a similar pledge to uphold their roles and duties as medical professionals. 

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, undertake a challenging role, often having to display mastery of a wide variety of skills. “CNAs report to the nurses and directors of nursing of the institutions they work for,” explained TSC Adjunct CNA Instructor Francisco Acevedo. “They observe residents’ rights, provide personal care, and assist patients with daily activities, including safety, environmental, and infection control standards. They represent the facility with integrity and adhere to the values and mission concerning the dignity of each individual.” 

Phlebotomy technicians specialize in collecting blood samples from the body for medical analysis, although their role demands a number of additional nuanced skills as part of it. “The role of the phlebotomy technician is crucial and challenging in the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Consuelo Villalon, Program Director and Instructor for TSC’s Medical Laboratory Technology program. “These professionals place an emphasis on infection prevention, patient identification, specimen labeling and handling, quality assurance, professionalism, and ethics.” 

To some students like Mia Ledezma, who is completing the phlebotomy program, it is just the beginning of their newfound educational journey. “My mother is a phlebotomist, so I wanted to step into that field and use it as a starting point in the medical field,” adding that she plans on continuing her education at TSC as part of the Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) program. 

Overall, the graduates are confident that their hard work has paid off. “I’m thrilled to officially be a CNA now,” said graduate Elisha Garcia. “I’m glad I seized the opportunity to join this class and learned so much from my professors and classmates. I’m excited about what the future holds.”


Congratulations to Our Spring 2024 Graduates 

Certified Nursing Assistant 

Natalia Coria 

Abigail Garcia 

Elisha Garcia 

Vanessa Garcia 

Yelitza Garcia 

Veronica Gonzalez 

Christian Lefler 

Monica Martinez 

Olympia Montoya 

Tammy Pizana 

Phlebotomy Technician 

Mayte Amaro 

Cinthia Gonzalez 

Mia Ledezma 

Kimberly Munivez 

Priscilla Pizana 

Ana Ramirez 




Phlebotomy and CNA graduation Spring 2024