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For the ambitious individual looking to further their education, Texas Southmost College (TSC) is proud to announce that they will begin hosting courses at Harlingen High South (HHS) beginning in the Fall 2024 semester.

An assortment of 8-week hybrid TSC courses will be offered during evenings at HHS, primarily targeting students located in the Harlingen area and adults who are interested in continuing their education with a more manageable schedule.

The following courses will be available for Fall 2024:

Intro to Criminal Justice CRIJ-1301-B8101 Monday 6-7:30 PM August 26 – October 18
Business Principles BUSI-1301-B8101 Monday 6-7:30 PM August 26 – October 18
Composition I ENGL-1301-B8101 Tuesday 6-7:30 PM August 26 – October 18
Federal Government GOVT-2305-B8101 Wednesday 6-7:30 PM August 26 – October 18
United States History I HIST-1301-B8101 Thursday 6-7:30 PM August 26 – October 18
Fundamentals of Criminal Law CRIJ-1310-B8201 Monday 6-7:30 PM October 21 – December 13
Composition II ENGL-1302-B8201 Tuesday 6-7:30 PM October 21 – December 13
Texas Government GOVT-2306-B8201 Wednesday 6-7:30 PM October 21 – December 13
United States History II HIST-1302-B8201 Thursday 6-7:30 PM October 21 – December 13

Hybrid courses are designed so that they only require one in-class session per week, with the rest of the coursework being handled online. It creates a unique situation in which students can complete a majority of their coursework online but still have opportunities to meet face-to-face with their TSC instructors on occasion for feedback and assistance. This makes hybrid courses an ideal option for those who work full-time jobs but remain committed to furthering their educational aspirations with TSC.

“Hybrid courses allow for a blended level of engagement as students have the opportunity to engage face-to-face with instructors and peers that may not take place in an asynchronous classroom,” said Dr. Christopher Alves, Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences and Department Chair at TSC. “Students get the best of both worlds through course customization through many modes of interaction such as convenience, engagement, and personal interaction, ultimately supporting their academic success and career goals.”

The Texas Southmost College Harlingen Courses will begin this upcoming Fall semester, with the first session running from August 26 to October 18, and the second running from October 21 to December 13, 2024.

For more information on the courses, please visit the TSC Harlingen Courses webpage or contact Judy Moreno at [email protected]