Important Information

Please read the instructions below carefully.

In order to request Library items, view your loans, fines or fees, requests, and/or blocks or messages, you’ll need access to your Library Account.  This account is different than your account to access the Library’s electronic resources.  To access your Library Account, please follow the instructions below.

You’ll need to fill out the following form or contact the Library at (956) 882-8221 to obtain a temporary password to set up your account.  Once your account is set up, please enter in your username as:

For Students:
:  firstname.lastname100
Note: Do not include

For Faculty & Staff:
:  firstname.lastname
Note: Do not include

If you filled out the form, please include “Need temporary password to access my Library Account†in the description box.  It’s important that you use your TSC e-mail as your e-mail address.

After you receive your temporary password, please be sure to change your password.  If you are having issues logging in to your Library Account after your temporary password is given, please let us know at (956) 882-8221.

Note:  this account is different than your account to access the Library electronic resources off-campus.  If you’re having issues accessing the electronic resources while off-campus and you have access to your TSC e-mail account, please contact TSC I.T. Help Desk for assistance.

[email protected]
(956) 295-3800