Admission Requirements


Admission is dependent upon space availability.  Licensing requirements on staff and space limit the number of children we can serve and not all children applying can be admitted. A waiting list is maintained at the center for each age group.  As a child on a waiting list approaches his/her birthday, parents need to update their basic information and indicate if they wish to have the child moved into the next age group. Parents are encouraged to secure a spot on the waiting list as soon as possible.

Eligibility Requirements

As current TSC students, staff, faculty and community patrons you have the unique opportunity to use the TSC Raul J. Guerra Early Childhood Center services.  With a few exceptions, full-time care is offered on a first-to-register basis.  Priority is given to TSC students, staff, faculty and community patrons.  If a family already has a child at the Child Development Center, they are given priority over new families for enrolling another child.  Because we are a campus lab school, with the exception of families already enrolled at the TSC Raul J. Guerra Early Childhood Center, the program reserves the right to selectively look for a specific age-range, gender, and/or category when filling spaces.

Age Requirement

Children between two weeks and five years of age; expecting parents are encouraged to place names once their child is born.