Course Types and Term Descriptions


Course Type Section Numbers Course Type Description
Hybrid Courses HB01-HB99 Hybrid courses offer 50% to 85% of instruction online. The remaining instruction will be offered in person in a classroom during a scheduled time.
Online Courses V01-V99 Online courses are asynchronous and do not require real-time interaction; students utilize the Canvas Learning Management System to work more independently to learn and complete course content and assignments by instructor-established deadlines. Online courses do not have required class meeting times, although the instructor may occasionally schedule an optional meeting when needed.
STAR Corequisite Courses MY01-MY59 STAR (Students Transitioning and Academically Rising) corequisite courses allow developmental education students to enroll in credit-bearing courses linked to developmental education courses.
Term Term Description
Accelerated Terms M101-M399 Accelerated terms include courses delivered in a 5-week or 8-week period to expedite the completion of coursework in a shorter timeframe. Accelerated courses cover the same contact hours and course content as they do in 16-week semesters.
Weekend College S01-S99 Weekend College courses are delivered in 8-week and 5-week terms (for summer). They are offered in a blended (hybrid) format where 75% of the coursework will be delivered online, and 25% of the coursework will be delivered in person in a classroom during a scheduled time on Saturdays. Follow the Weekend College link for more information.
Winter Mini-semester is a four-week semester scheduled after the fall semester and before the spring semester. Classes may be offered online or in person in a classroom during a scheduled time.