Student Organizations

Student organizations contribute to a vibrant college community by providing invaluable experiences and opportunities for students to grow as individuals, leaders, and community members. Student organizations provide students with the opportunity to supplement classroom work with activities that meet personal needs for recognition, growth, companionship, civic involvement and creative effort. Each year, student organizations sponsor conferences, seminars, lectures, debates, cultural and social events, and fine arts programs. These programs allow students to meet and interact with local, state, and nationally renowned scholars, artists, politicians, academicians, and other professionals.


Individuals wishing to start a new student organization must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Complete the New Student Organization Form.
    1. The form must be signed by the student organization advisor. The advisor is required to be a full-time faculty, administrator or professional staff member at Texas Southmost College.
    2. The form must be also be signed by a minimum of 4 students who are currently enrolled at Texas Southmost College.
  2. Return the form to the Office of Student Activities. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  3. The form will be reviewed by the Director of Student Life, who will grant or deny permission to create the new student organization.
  4. Following approval by the Director of Student Life, the student organization will then have 30 days to submit a copy of their proposed constitution and the completed List of Officers and Active Members Form to the Office of Student Activities. During this period the student group may function temporarily as a student organization.