Texas Southmost College will offer a new course in its Workforce Training and Continuing Education division this Spring.  

Students interested in a career in Diesel Mechanics will be able to register now and start the next stage of their careers in January.  

“We’re training diesel mechanics and creating Level 1 technicians,” TSC Director of Construction and Manufacturing Thomas Tynan said. “It’s the starting point for diesel mechanics. We are going to accept individuals that know nothing about motors as well as people who know about gasoline-powered motors. If you’re a mechanic and don’t know diesel, this would be a great place to learn the ins and outs.”  

Classes will prepare students for multiple sectors.

“Students will learn on three types of equipment; agriculture, industrial and automotive,” Tynan said. “Students will be able to work on vehicles used on farms, by industry, and the general automotive sectors. All of these sectors are prominent in the Rio Grande Valley.” 

The course will also position students to get hired quickly.  

“Diesel mechanics are in great demand…whether it’s a school district or the city that needs a diesel mechanic for its bus lines, that’s just on the transit side of things,” Tynan said. “As we know with the supply chain, diesel trucks are moving everything. There are also diesel locomotives as well as agriculture where the farm equipment is diesel-powered. Diesel is here to stay for a long, long time.” 

TSC’s investment in the right equipment for students to work on will go a long way to ensuring those enrolled will have an opportunity to work on different engines they might service in their careers.  

“One of the most important things we’re going to be covering is diagnostics,” Tynan said. “We have some tier 4 motors in some of our vehicles. These are the newest and most efficient ones on the market with the least carbon footprint. They need advanced diagnostics just like cars, so we have $60,000 in hardware and software that we’re going to be using to teach the students how to diagnose a problem. It’s easier to fix once you know what is wrong.”  

Future Diesel Mechanic students will have plenty of support along the way. Associate Vice President of Instruction Workforce Training and Continuing Education Dr. Joesph Fleishman explained that scholarships are available to students in need of financial assistance. 

“Scholarships will be available to students interested in enrolling in the Diesel Mechanic program,” Dr. Fleishman said. “Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t wait. Classes are small to accommodate teaching a vast number of hands-on skills.”   

Students can learn more information during the next WTCE Information Session on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd  from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the ITECC building. RSVP now for the Information Session