Forensic Macrophotography course begins with a review of history and elements of fingerprint classification. Further, there will be an introduction to the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, including major control functions and camera modes. The class progresses to low light photography and painting with light techniques.

Building on these techniques, there is an introduction to lifting latent and patent fingerprint impressions via macrophotography at a crime scene. This course will cover the standard methods of photographing and documenting a decedent at autopsy, as well as standard postmortem fingerprinting.

These fingerprints are invaluable to identify an unknown person or confirm a presumptive identification. The class culminates with methodology for the collection of usable fingerprints from highly decomposed victims, available only at TSC. The student will engage in ample practical exercises to reinforce the knowledge gained during the course, enabling the graduate to confidently engage in this type of collection.

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