How To Do Business with TSC

Texas Southmost College appreciates vendor interest in doing business with the College. TSC strives to provide a fair and open competition among potential vendors. We hope you find the following information useful in your endeavors to understand how to do business with Texas Southmost College.

Texas Southmost College hosted its first Virtual Vendor Seminar on How to do Business with TSC on September 1, 2022. Please click on the image below to access the recorded session; the Passcode is: crNfw=^8

Presentation: How to do Business with TSC Vendor Seminar

Presentation:Safety and Security Protocols

Presentation:Contractors Terms and Conditions While Working on Campus


Vendor Survey

We encourage all vendors to view the recording of our Virtual Vendor Seminar and complete the following survey. This survey is completely anonymous.

Vendor Registration

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All Purchase Orders issued by Texas Southmost College abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

pdfPO Terms and Conditions

Bid/RFP Opportunities

Texas Southmost College may request formal public solicitations following legal and local policies.
To view Purchasing and Acquisition Policies click here.
To view TSC Bid Terms and Conditions click here.
To view current and previous solicitations, please click here.

Vendor Payment

Accounts Payable is responsible of issuing payment to all vendors. Please submit invoices to the following email addresses:

Vendor ACH Payment

To be set up for ACH Payment please complete the following ACH Form

Submit your completed form to: [email protected]

Vendor Concerns

Texas Southmost College (TSC) is committed to fostering a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance. A culture where vendors and members of the community feel comfortable in raising and discussing compliance questions and reporting serious concerns confidentially and without fear of retaliation.

If you have any concerns that may involve improper conduct or practice to be violation of law or College’s purchasing policies and procedures, you can report them to the Director of Purchasing. Protests regarding a public solicitation or purchase order contract award (the protest must be received within 10 business days after award) and reports regarding suspicious fraudulent activity are also accepted through this procedure. A written concern must include the following information:

          • Name, address, telephone numbers, and email address of the person submitting the
          • A specific identification of law, statutory, or regulatory provision(s) that the action
            complained of is alleged to have violated.
          • Name and number of public solicitation in question (if applicable).
          • Specific description and date of each relevant act alleged to have violated.
          • Statement as to the result/action requested.
          • Submission of documents that support the factual or legal basis of the concern or protest.
          • If necessary, all relevant, factual information establishing, supporting, and justifying the concern or protest.

The Director of Purchasing may request additional information from the requesting party. The concern will be forwarded to College’s Administrators and Legal Counsel for review. A review will be provided upon discussion of findings.

Reporting Methods

[email protected]

US Postal Mailing: Patricia G. Saldivar, Director of Purchasing, 80 Fort Brown, Brownsville, Texas 78520.

Reporting Emergencies

Any vendor or community member who has a concern for their physical safety or witnesses or is part of any conduct that would ordinarily result in contact with the police should call the TSC Campus Security at 956‐295‐3700 or dial 911 immediately.