Forensic Macro Photography Program Description

Forensic Macrophotography will cover the standard methods of photographing and documenting a decedent at autopsy and standard postmortem fingerprinting. These fingerprints are invaluable to identifying an unknown person or confirming a presumptive identification. The class culminates with the methodology for collecting usable fingerprints from highly decomposed victims, available only at TSC.

Each student expands their field book, which they annotate throughout the class. Extensive practical exercises are given to build confidence.


Student will receive:
  • Receive a TSC Certificate of Completion

Train for a career in forensic macro photography


Course Information
Course Name Course Number Location
Advanced Crime Scene Search-Forensic Macrophotography I CJLE 2032 ITEC Center
Advanced Crime Scene Search-Forensic Macrophotography II CJLE 2032 ITEC Center

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