Edward C. Camarillo and Dr. Norma Lopez-Harris were officially inaugurated as new members of the Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees with a special Oath of Office ceremony on Wednesday, June 26 2024 at the Jacob Brown Auditorium.

Texas Southmost College District Board of Trustees held a special meeting to canvass the results of the June 15th run-off election and issue certificates of election to the newly elected trustees at the TSC Jacob Brown Auditorium on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. 

In the presence of the audience, which included family and friends, Edward C. Camarillo and Dr. Norma Lopez-Harris took the Oath of Office to officially mark the beginning of their six-year term on TSC’s Board of Trustees. Camarillo will hold Place 6, and Dr. Lopez-Harris will hold Place 7. The two will fill the roles previously held by J.J. De Leon and Eva Alejandro.

The ceremony saw Cameron County District Attorney Mr. Luis Saenz administer the Oath of Office to Camarillo and Cameron County Clerk Ms. Sylvia Garza-Perez administer the oath to Dr. Lopez-Harris.  The election of the two new trustees comes at the end of a campaign season during which Camarillo and Dr. Lopez-Harris gathered close to fifty percent of the votes leading to a run-off election earlier this month. After the run-off votes had been counted, Camarillo obtained 58.72% of the votes, and Dr. Lopez-Harris obtained 57.58%, officially earning their respective spots on the board. 

After taking their oaths of office, Trustees Camarillo and Dr. Lopez-Harris expressed their gratitude to the community for its support. They noted that the community’s involvement and support are essential in achieving their goals to continue enhancing the quality of education TSC provides.

Camarillo aims to focus on further helping nontraditional students find educational pathways to success and establishing a cohort for special needs students to enroll at TSC. “Everyone deserves access to higher education, no matter what your needs or background may be,” he said during his speech. 

After thanking her supporters, Dr. Lopez-Harris affirmed her dedication to the mission of the community college and working with her fellow trustees to continue helping TSC improve and thrive. She concluded her speech by declaring that “there is no dream too big for TSC.”