Students typically enroll in college for various reasons, but undoubtedly, the most common reason is a desire to develop skills and experiences that can lead to job security.  

Texas Southmost College excels at creating an environment where students can pursue their education and make the necessary connections to bridge the gap between graduation and full-time jobs.  

One such student who is a shining example of this dual-purpose model of efficiency is Deisy Bouleris.  

“After I graduated from high school, going to college was not something I wanted to do, but my mom was persistent and eventually convinced me to enroll,” said Bouleris of her initial steps toward enrolling at TSC. “At the time, my dad was starting his own business, and I thought maybe I could help him out if I studied something in business, and accounting is what caught my attention.”   

Her decision to study in the Accounting Technology Program fortuitously brought her into contact with instructor Maggie Solis, who proved instrumental in helping Bouleris learn the skills she would need to be successful in her future professional career.    

“She was a quiet student and kept to herself, as new students tend to do,” recalled Solis. “After some time in the program, I watched her gradually overcome her shyness and reluctance.”  

“I am very thankful to Mrs. Solis,” Bouleris said of her instructor. She has been a huge source of support ever since I entered the Accounting Technology program. She cares about her students and ensures they learn skills that will help them enter the workforce.”  

Beyond moral support, another crucial factor that helped put Bouleris on the path to success was a core component of the program she studied.  

“As part of pursuing an Associate in Accounting Technology, the program offers a course in which students will receive job placement with an employer to practice their accounting skills,” said Solis. “This is important because it adds value to their learning experience by having them practice their accounting and bookkeeping skills, and the employer benefits from the students’ assistance. It’s a win-win for both parties involved.”  

Sure enough, Bouleris’ internship with Workforce Solutions Cameron (WFSC) proved to be the first step toward greater things.  

“Three months later, after my internship ended, I was given the opportunity to start employment at WFSC as an accounting technician,” she said. Over time, her skills and strong work ethic have seen her gradually move up the ladder and take on more responsibilities in her professional career.  

“Today, my official title is Financial Accountant, and some of my duties include month-end billing, accounts payables, preparing and adjusting journal entries, and reconciling balance sheet accounts.”    

To her former instructor, Bouleris is a shining example of what students can achieve when they honestly apply themselves to their studies and use the skills learned to develop into well-rounded professionals. “I’m so proud that she has transformed from a shy student to a professional financial accountant excelling in her field. She is an example of success for all students.”  

As she continues down her career path, Bouleris hopes that more students can gain inspiration from her achievements and seek out higher education opportunities.  

“Pursue your goals,” she confidently states. “It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how difficult it may seem, it’s never too late to start.”