On Women’s Veterans’ Recognition Day, Ibarra looks back and those who paved the way 



Texas Southmost College student and U.S. Army Veteran Dora Ibarra already has a lot of life under her belt.  

She has served in the military, is raising two young children, and now is tackling a new mission: higher education. She is pursuing her general studies associate degree to one day work in law enforcement.  

On June 12, TSC joins in recognizing Women’s Veterans Day. Ibarra says her support system and motivation comes from the Homefront.   

“My family inspires me,” Ibarra said. “I want to give them a better future, I want to give them opportunities to attend college in the future. I am studying criminal justice; I feel like I connect more in that area of study.”  

She hopes to earn and wear a badge as a Texas State Trooper or county sheriff.   

After earning her diploma from Hanna Early College High School in 2016, she decided to make the brave choice to enlist in the military which landed her on the tropical Island of Hawaii.   

“I am a veteran, I served for 3 and a half years,” Ibarra said. “We would go on mountains and put up antennas so the rest of the unit would have communications.”  

Despite the service being primarily men, she had good things to say about the equal treatment of women in the Army.   

“In the unit that I served, they really made me feel like I was just another soldier,” she said. “They would not make me feel left out or excluded. They were very supportive but also, they didn’t cut any extra slack or give any special treatment. Because of this experience, I have a strong work ethic.”  

That strong work ethic is being put to the test while she studies at Texas Southmost College with two young children that she raises.   

On this Women’s Veterans Day, she reflected on the courageous women servicepeople that argued for the right to serve on the front line in combat zones and dangerous conflicts.   

“I am very thankful to those women that served before me, especially those that were in combat situations,” Ibarra said. “When I joined, women weren’t really allowed to be in those positions, and because they fought for that now, they can and have that option.”  

Ibarra spoke highly of the TSC Veterans’ Success Center which played a large role in getting her enrolled and helping her succeed as a student.  

“The Veterans’ Success Center has been very helpful,” she said. “I remember not knowing what to do, not knowing where to start, and then a friend told me that TSC had this veterans center. Mr. Mark Aguero told me what I needed and did everything for me, he was extremely helpful. Whenever I need to focus on an assignment, I really like going to that room because it is a place where you can really focus and get things done.”  

She has a message for those who may consider signing up for the armed forces.   

“For those that want to serve, I really recommend it. It can help you build a type of discipline that we all need.”