Texas Southmost College general studies student Noe Gonzalez is breaking out as an impressive on-air host while interning for Space Channel. He reports about the blooming local space industry and how our area is at the center of the new push toward the stars.  

The 40-year-old is not a typical student by any stretch of the imagination.  

Yes, Gonzalez is a little older than most of his TSC peers, but Gonzalez is fuller of life than anyone you will ever meet.  

That’s because he knows he is lucky to be alive after a tough battle and close call.  

Before his Space Channel debut and before he enrolled in school as a “non-traditional” student, he was waiting for a liver transplant.  

He had constant pain, and he knew if time went on without getting the life-saving procedure he was likely to pass away.  

His time was running out and he knew dying was a stronger and stronger possibility.  

But after nearly four years of grueling patience a match was found, and his life-saving surgery took place. Recovery was another process but when he got better, he wasn’t going to waste a single moment.  

“I said you know what? I want to make my second chance count,” Gonzalez said. “I just have a different outlook on life. Being so close to death’s doorstep everything feels precious.”  

Gonzalez’s first order of business after being hospital-bound? Catch up on some fishing with his dad. To this day he is a big part of The Bubba’s South Texas Sportsman. A popular online group that meets up to catch the big one. He also volunteers with RGV Fishing Area and Waterway Cleanups 

After rekindling his hobby and volunteer work, his next step was to further his education.  

He stayed in the city he loves, Brownsville and started here at Texas Southmost College.  

“I wanted to go back to school to better my life,” “I want to make Brownsville better too. I love my city; I love the Valley. My wife is also going to school, she’s in the Paralegal Studies program.” 

Gonzalez said he has seen the quality of life around TSC improve…for him that means more students, more events and multimedia to promote and highlight events. He and his wife are both enrolled as students and enjoying college life.  

“This is my third semester at TSC, and I have really noticed a difference,” Gonzalez said. “From when I started right when classes started to be held in person to now…the parking lot is full. There is so much going on and a ton of energy on campus.” 

Noe is a part of the transformation the college, the partnership with Space Channel presents a unique opportunity for students to learn skills, show off talents and have pride in Texas Southmost College.  

“We’re showing the world what South Texas has to offer,” Gonzalez said. “Interning here with the Space Channel it’s just a perfect fit. I’m taking it in full stride and I’m just going to keep pushing forward. The sky is the limit if you keep a positive mindset.”

Gonzalez is a man driven by his passions. Whether it’s fishing and waterway conversation, showing his talents reporting or diving headfirst into Scorpion pride, Noe puts everything into what he does.  

“Going to school seems like the best decision I’ve ever made,” Gonzalez said. “I’m humbled to be part of the school and of the Space Channel program. It feels great to be in my hometown and get the college experience, the full college experience.”  

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