Texas Southmost College added their second men’s soccer player after signing senior Ricardo Davila from IDEA Sports Park Thursday, March 8, 2023.

The senior is a team captain for the IDEA Sports Park Stingrays, and along with scoring 22 goals, he also notched 27 assists showing that his talented and unselfish play is precisely what TSC is looking for in its first roster.  

“Since we went to his first game, we immediately noticed he is a standout player,” TSC Executive Director of Athletics & Civility Dr. Armando Ponce said. “We notice how well he carries himself on and off the field and how he carries himself around his teammates. His leadership skills is something we noticed right away. He is a team player, and that’s what we’re looking for as we build this squad.”

Davila is a part of the first graduating class at IDEA Sports Park. He is also the first athlete to sign to play college athletics from campus.

IDEA Sports Park Athletic Coordinator, Jerry De La Garza, praised Davila and the example he is setting for future Stingrays. 

“We’re very proud of Ricardo and the work he’s done,” De La Garza said. “He set the bar very high of what hard work is, what dedication is, and what the desire to achieve your goals looks like. It’s a huge step for our school but this day is all about him and his moment.”  

Davila was flanked by his mother, his father, and his younger brother during the signing ceremony. The gymnasium was a collection of his principal, counselors, teachers, coaches, and of course, teammates and peers.  

“This is a very important moment for me,” Davila said. “I’ve played since I was five years old. I love this sport; it’s helped me continue to stay motivated in my studies. I will give all my effort to win at TSC.” 

The signing on Wednesday was the second to take place at an IDEA Public Schools Campus. Dr. Ponce explained the growth that IDEA athletics has seen and how the quality of athletes can’t be overlooked. He emphasized RGV-based athletes when building out the first NJCAA rosters.  

“Being here at the IDEA Schools, they have grown their athletic programs over the years into very solid programs,” Dr. Ponce said. “Our teams will be made up exclusively of players from the Rio Grande Valley. It gives us a unique opportunity to showcase this talent and we’re going to be able to continue connecting with our community.