The same high-quality courses you know and love from Texas Southmost College are coming to the Harlingen area in March. That means you can now enroll in some of our most popular college courses and stay closer to home. Enjoy a hybrid model with 25% in-person classes and 75% online.

Classes run from March 20 through May 11 and will be held at Harlingen High School South.

To start the enrollment process, click here to fill out your information and then join our registration event happening Saturday, March 4 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Harlingen High School South.

Remember, TSC is the most affordable college in the Rio Grand Valley, and our credits transfer to ALL public universities in Texas. Why not complete some basics at a fraction of the university cost and stay closer to home?

Course Name

Section Name


Start Time

End Time

Business Principles BUSI-1301-HB01 TH   5:00PM   6:45PM
Intro to Criminal Justice CRIJ-1301-HB01 W   5:00PM   6:45PM
Composition I ENGL-1301-HB01 T   7:00PM   8:45PM
Forms of Literature ENGL-2341-HB01 S 10:00AM 11:45AM
Federal Government GOVT-2305-HB01 T   5:00PM   6:45PM
Texas Government GOVT-2306-HB01 T   7:00PM   8:45PM
United States History I HIST-1301-HB01 M   5:00PM   6:45PM
United States History II HIST-1302-HB01 M   7:00PM   8:45PM
Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-HB01 W   5:00PM   6:45PM
General Psychology PSYC-2301-HB01 M   5:00PM   6:45PM
Public Speaking SPCH-1315-HB01 T   5:00PM   6:45PM