The Texas Southmost College (TSC) Foundation Board of Directors congratulate recent TSC Class of Spring 2022 graduates who were awarded the TSC Finish Strong Scholarship for completing either an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Applied Science, or a Level One Certificate, or Level Two Certificate.

Recipients of the TSC Finish Strong Scholarship are awarded this merit-based scholarship for their determination and strong leadership in completing their program of study with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

TSC Foundation and Board of Trustees Chair Adela Garza said it is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to provide the TSC students with financial assistance to fulfill their educational goals at TSC. “As the TSC Foundation Chair, I am honored to play a role in helping these well-deserved scholarship recipients obtain their educational achievements,” said Chair Garza. “It is not easy keeping up with life and maintaining a good GPA, so TSC students need to know that we understand that and we are here for them. These students finished strong; they finished Scorpion Strong!”

The TSC Finish Strong Scholarship is a TSC Foundation Scholarship made possible through donations from TSC Alumni, TSC Foundation events, and donations made to the Foundation.

TSC Foundation Board Member Dr. Gustavo Stern agreed with Chair Garza and added that becoming part of the Scorpion Network will open more opportunities as students move forward with their careers. “These scholarships are made available due to the donations from TSC alumni and other community members who strongly support the TSC network,” said Dr. Stern. “We think of the Scorpion network as a family who is here to support one another. The contributions from donations and the support of TSC Foundation events provide us the privilege to continue to support TSC students reach their academic goals.”

For more information on contributing to the TSC Foundation visit the page. To apply for a TSC Scholarship, visit

Congratulations to the following graduates Spring 2022 Finish Strong Scholarship Recipients:

  • Victoria F. Acevedo
  • Moises Almendarez
  • Israel Amaral
  • Yakelin A. Perez Avila
  • Kathia M. Cardenas-Correa
  • Cristian I. Castro
  • Katarina C. Chavez
  • Arnoldo Cantu, JR
  • Leonardo D. Delgado
  • Erminia De la Rosa
  • Karenn De los Santos
  • Rafael Eduardo De Los Santos Jr.
  • Samantha Flores
  • Stacy Gloria Found
  • Brenda Garcia
  • Citlali Garcia
  • Ariely Gonzalez
  • Evelin D. Landaverde
  • Carolina Lara
  • Markus T. Leal
  • Kevin U. Ledezma
  • Vivian I. Ledezma
  • Natalie M. Leija
  • Leslie Longoria
  • Esmeralda L. Lozano
  • Kassandra Aileen Lozano
  • Aracely Martinez
  • Brenda V. Martinez
  • Sophia Lopez Martinez
  • Darin A. Molina
  • Adam A. Montiel
  • Jaqueline L. Montelongo
  • Ana C. Navarro
  • Francisco I. Narvaez, Jr.
  • Gloria E. Parra
  • Jose Pequeno, JR
  • Jennifer Rangel
  • Cristina Silva Raygoza
  • Adolfo Reyes Jr
  • Ricardo A. Rios
  • Jose Edson M. Rodriguez
  • Michele L. Salazar
  • Cristina P. Sanchez
  • Luis Enrique Sanchez Serrano
  • Brian S. Soto
  • Jair Tovar
  • Jessica Uribe
  • Sergio Vasquez
  • Dante Vazquez
  • Erica L. Velez
  • Savannah R. Zarate