Texas Southmost College is now offering an Agriculture and an Agribusiness program leading to an Associate of Science degree. The agriculture program pathway prepares students to transfer to a four-year university and pursue a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agriculture science, or animal science.
There are six significant sectors graduates from these programs can work in: agriculture business, agriculture mechanics, animal science, environmental services, food science, natural resources, and veterinary.
“Whenever we consider creating a new program at TSC, we research for demand and job opportunities in that particular field,” said TSC Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Dean Murad Abusalim, Ph.D. “After extensive research, we found diverse opportunities in agriculture and that many students in the Rio Grande Valley are seeking degree programs in this field.”
Abusalim also added that more than 2,000 students have enrolled in agriculture-related classes within local school districts.
“Introducing these two new agriculture programs allows students to pursue these career paths close to home,” said Abusalim. “This is going to impact thousands of students immediately positively.”
The agribusiness program at TSC will prepare students to transfer to a university, and it covers advanced topics in business and economic foundations of agriculture and horticulture.
Graduates from this program can pursue a four-year degree in agriculture business, agriculture economics, horticultural science, plant, and soil sciences, or poultry science.
“Our advisory committee includes agriculture professionals from our region and across the state,” said Abusalim. “Therefore, our curriculum will ensure our students are ready for success in any occupation they may choose.”
“This is a rewarding career path that offers many opportunities the program will build a strong foundation for gainful employment and positively impact the lives of our students and their families,” continued Abusalim.
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