Adorned with colorful banners, the courtyard of North and South Hall buzzed with activity as students, faculty, and staff gathered in celebration of the traditional Charro Days cultural festival throughout Brownsville. 

The event also saw an appearance from this year’s Mr. Amigo, Eduardo Verástegui, a former member of the musical group Kairo and actor whose most recent appearance was in the film The Sound of Freedom. 

This year’s Mr. Amigo, Eduardo Verástegui, made a notable appearance at the event. Verástegui, a former member of the musical group Kairo and an actor known for his recent role in the film The Sound of Freedom, graced the occasion with his presence. 

“We are not just neighbors; we are brothers and sisters,” said Verástegui, further highlighting the sense of unity that Charro Days fosters within our community. 

To Sergio Silva, an Administrative Assistant for TSC’s Center’s for Academic Excellence, events like this which bring people from all across campus together are always eagerly anticipated. “I enjoy how it gives us a chance to catch up with faculty and staff from around the college and find out what everyone has been working on, what’s new or what might be coming up in the near future,” said Silva. “It’s also great to just catch up in general and see how everybody is doing.”   

Beyond this, there is also the communal aspect, as it serves as another opportunity to bring together members of the TSC family to celebrate and strengthen the shared community bonds.  

“TSC events always have such a remarkable ability to unite everyone across campus,” said Xitlalli Hernandez, Library Assistant at TSC’s Digital Library. “I love seeing us all gather together and have fun at these events. They really showcase the kind of inclusive spirit we have here at the college.” 

TSC’s Little Scorpions delighted the crowd with a short dance performance to bring the special performances portion of the event to a close. Gatherers continued the revelries for a while longer before packing up tables and decorations, returning to their classrooms and offices, no doubt looking forward to more special events around town in the days to follow.