TSC celebrates Military Appreciation Month  

Texas Southmost College is proud to be of service to the men and women who have served, will serve or stand in reserve for the country.  

During Military Appreciation Month the TSC Veterans Success Center wanted to highlight two current students who have come to school after a tour of duty and while serving as reserve armed forces. 

Enrique Rodriguez  

Rodriguez served four years active duty in the U.S. Army as combat engineer. He went directly from Los Fresnos High School graduation in 2018 to the Army.  

After finishing his time on active duty, he realized that he wanted to enrich his life and fulfill even more ambitions.  

“I’ve always been a learner, so I felt that coming back to school for my education and I had a lot more things I wanted to accomplish in life and challenge myself,” Enrique said. 

Rodriguez is a general studies student who works at the Veterans Success Center alongside retired Marine Mark Aguero.  

“The veterans center experience has been very amazing,” Enrique said. “All the people that I work with make it so easy for someone who doesn’t know what benefits they can apply for and what they qualify for.” 

Jonathan Rodriguez 

Jonathan Rodriguez is a member of the Marine Corps Reserves. He enlisted in March 2020 and his time has included one activation from November 2021 to March 2022 named Operation: Allies Welcomed. 

Jonathan is currently in the TSC Police Academy, anticipating graduating later this Summer. 

“I’ve always wanted to serve the country and also serve my community,” Jonathan Rodriguez said. “The way the recruited explained to me is that the Marine Corps Reserves is the best way to do both. I can serve my country and my community as a peace officer.” 

Jonathan explained that the small class size in the police academy gives cadets the opportunity to learn with direct and personal instruction.  

“That gives us a more one-on-one experience with the instructor,” Jonathan said. “Our instructors have a lot of experience, and they can give us first-hand advice on what they learned as time as peace officers.  

A location to serve those who served 

“Mark (Aguero) has guided me through every step of this process,” Jonathan Rodriguez said. “I feel that confidence that whenever I have a question I can ask at any time.” 

Enrique spoke about how the Veterans Success Center is the epitome of veterans and military appreciation, a place where relaxation meets resources and those who served the country can connect with each other and their next steps in life.  

“You can use the computer lab if you don’t have one,” Enrique said. “It’s a place for veterans’ independence and a place for us to have a good time.” 

As military appreciation month comes to a close, Jonathan reflected on the value of the armed forces and their commitment to protecting the nation.  

“There’s a lot of respect for those who have served and for those who are going to serve in the future. That’s what keeps the country safe,” Jonathan Rodriguez said. “I thank each and every one of the service members that has served. It takes courage, honor and commitment.”