Texas Southmost College hosted a Community Based Organizations (CBO) Networking event on Tuesday to bring local nonprofits and community organizations together with the college.  

Associate Vice President of Instruction-Academic Success, Dr. Angelica Fuentes and Dr. Angela McCauley, Director of Special Instructional Projects of Texas Southmost College facilitated the meeting before bringing representatives from both TSC and outside groups onstage to share information.  

Over 45 individuals were in attendance, making up the 16 groups that were represented.  

Guests from Friendship of Women, Family Crisis Center and Come Dream Come Build (cdcb) spoke about what they bring to the community and how Scorpion students and staff can access resources. 

“The Community Based Organization Network Coalition event that we hosted is to help connect our TSC students to the basic needs that other community organizations provide,” Daniela Canales, Coordinator of Sponsored Programs, Grants and Contracts for Perkins, said. “We are also providing pathways for those who get assistance from CBOs to come to school at Texas Southmost College.” 

The TSC CBO Coalition Network was created as part of 3 grants to connect TSC students to basic needs and other community resources and provide pathways for CBO clients to access higher education at TSC. 

Texas Southmost College encourages any CBO that provides direct support or assistance with applying for support services for: childcare, transportation, housing, financial, utilities, health, counseling, legal, training, job readiness to get involved. Interested groups can reach out via e-mail to [email protected].