Texas Southmost College is adding another trade course to the Workforce Training and Continuing Education catalog to prepare the Brownsville area for new and emerging industries.  

As more industry, investment and money come into the Valley, the WTCE division at TSC is working to put students in the best position to get a good piece of the pie.  

The next high-earning, in-demand career TSC will train for is Pipefitting. This Spring the college will welcome its first class of pipefitters, an essential part of construction, industry and more.  

Perspective students can get information at the next Workforce Training Information Session on Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. at the ITEC Center.  

Pipefitting classes will kick off at the end of January.  

“This is a very in-demand career,” TSC Director of Construction and Manufacturing, Thomas Tynan said. “Before the welders come in to do any industrial projects which usually have a whole lot of pipes in it, whether it is ventilation pipe, pipes to move water or structural pipes…all this needs to be fitted by a pipefitter.”  

Job security is the name of the game in the field; Tynan explained that the influx of industries like liquified natural gas and even aerospace will play a role in the increase of pipefitter positions. Everything from commercial buildings to the pipes that make up large oil refineries need to be measured and placed into structures.  

“Somebody must fit it all up, this is what we want to train and prepare students for,” Tynan said. 

The work will be hands on while training students to learn everything from the tools needed to the calculations to lay a secure pipe. 

Texas Southmost College has brought on Jason Medina to instruct future pipefitters. Medina has worked years in the field and is excited to pass on knowledge 

“Locally we have employers that are looking for skilled pipefitters,” Medina said “like Keppel AmFELS, Space X and Kiewit in Corpus Christi. On a larger scale, outside of our immediate area, there are so many companies out there that are desperate for pipefitters. With these energy and infrastructure bills going through there is more funding and resources for companies. A highly qualified workforce is all that’s missing.”  

TSC remains committed to giving students the best possible chance to be at the cutting edge of new advancements or hiring trends.  

Tynan also added that pipefitting can be part of multiple certifications that students can stack together to build a well-rounded and highly qualified portfolio.    

“One of the things that our students should understand is that it can take more than one skill to create a professional,” Tynan said. “Here at TSC what we can do is have students come in and learn more than one skill. They can be a pipefitter that can turn into a pipe-welder after or during the same class. It allows students to create a resume that has a wide skill set to work in related industries which is attractive to these employers and large companies.” 

The best part of the new pipe-fitting program is the value that TSC is offering to students.   

The class is priced at $2,000 to enter a career that averages $18 an hour. Plus, scholarships are available on a first come, first serve basis, so do not wait to reach out for information.   


You can learn more about the pipefitting program at the link below as well as the updated course schedule for Workforce Training and Continuing Education.  



You can also e-mail [email protected] for more information or call. (956) 295-3724 


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