A new partnership has landed at Texas Southmost College. Space Channel, a network dedicated to video coverage on the world of aerospace travel has selected TSC students to be the talent behind their programming in Brownsville.

Space Channel CEO Chad Mallam, TSC Board Chair Adela Garza, and TSC President Jesus Roberto Rodriguez stood in front of local media and community stakeholders to announce the exciting launch of the program which will use Texas Southmost College students as part of Space Channel’s production team.  

Chairwoman Adela Garza said she has seen so many faces come through TSC’s doors to become successful and is proud more opportunities continue for students.  

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students,” Mrs. Garza said. “All of our students are wonderful. Thank you, Space Channel, for choosing TSC.” 

President Rodriguez added that through its 95 years of rich history, TSC continues to serve and be the heartbeat of our communities.    

“It’s a testament to who we are….evolving and changing and having the courage to move forward to adapt to the times and continue to serve our communities,” Dr. Rodriguez said.  

Space Channel’s website lists Brownsville, Texas as its ‘Global News headquarters’ and the place where the network will provide engaging and informative coverage of notable space launches. TSC students will be a part of exciting moments in space history with the progress of SpaceX’s operations at Starbase, Boca Chica Beach. As well as reporting on the wave of space-related companies arriving in the Brownsville region. 

Mallam, who left his job in Hollywood to start Space Channel, explained his reasoning behind putting so much emphasis on Brownsville.  

“We wanted to put Space Channel at the apex of what’s happening in the industry,” Mallam said. “We met Dr. Rodriguez and were impressed with his compassion and how he talked about the students, the campus, and everything that is going on at TSC.” 

Following the press conference, Mallam and Bob Schefferine, COO of Space Channel, headed to the North/South Courtyard to take part in Welcome Week activities to recruit potential students for the network.  

Stephanie Hernandez was one of those students that stopped by the booth to put her name down.  

“I’ve always been interested in space, galaxies, and stars. When SpaceX came down here I thought it was pretty awesome for the community. So, when I saw the Space Channel booth I thought ‘Wow that’s a way for me to learn skills and get involved at the same time.’ “

Both Mallam and Schefferine were pleased to see lines of eager students putting their names in the hat to be on-air, behind the camera, and editing talent.

The network predicts news stories coming live from Texas Southmost College will occur in 30 days.  

If you missed Space Channel’s booth on-campus students can reach out to the network using [email protected]