TSC welcomes medical doctor, educator to the faculty team

Dr. Griselda Galvez, medical doctor and surgeon for more than 30 years and longtime educator, is now part of the Texas Southmost College faculty sharing her knowledge and passion for health and science.

As the college’s newest Anatomy and Physiology instructor, Galvez is teaching more than 100 aspiring medical professionals and preparing them for a rewarding career in health care.

“I’ve had an extensive career and I’m excited to add TSC to the resume,” said Galvez. “Part of the job description of being a doctor is to keep learning, but also to keep teaching. In fact, we teach every day. I knew early on in my career that teaching in a classroom was also for me.”

Starting her career as a 15-year-old with the Red Cross in Mexico, responding to medical emergencies and training others is what forged Galvez’s path. However, it was the day she delivered a baby that solidified her life decision.

The Mexico native earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and went on to earn her medical degree in 1987, in addition to certifications and licenses in other specialties such pediatrics, neonatology and surgery.

She also holds two master’s degrees in science and education.

During her 30 years as a medical doctor and surgeon in Mexico’s Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social hospitals, in Tampico, Monterrey and Matamoros, Galvez also taught high school biology and dual enrollment anatomy and physiology in the United States at the Brownsville Independent School District, Los Fresnos Independent School District and TSC and served as a principal for IDEA Public Schools.

Galvez said many are curious and ask how she could leave such a lucrative medical career and her answer is simple: her and her children’s well-being.

Retiring in 2020, Galvez left behind her career in Mexico because of the COVID-19 pandemic and fear that working in a hospital could have a long-term impact on her children’s health.

“I had to keep my kids safe; they are my top priority, always,” she said. “So, I decided to move my career into the classroom full time, still doing what I love, while keeping my family safe.”

She added that a career in which you continuously learn will always provide opportunities, and that’s what she teaches her students.

Since transitioning to the classroom full time as TSC’s Anatomy and Physiology instructor, her goals are to initiate a connection with her students, build trust to provide a positive learning experience and to help students realize they are important members of society.

“Yes, I teach patient care and all things health and science, but for students to succeed they need to know that they play a vital role in how our society works, that they are important and that their dreams and goals matter,” she said. “This is my number one goal for all of my students.”

Galvez said she loves where she is at this point of her career and hopes to continue teaching.

In the coming weeks, Galvez will earn a certification in holistic medicine and plans on returning to school for a doctorate in education, science or neuroscience.

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Registration for summer and fall 2022 is currently underway.