TSC December Mini-Semester

Earn 3 College Credits During Your Winter Break

The December mini-semester is a four-week semester that is scheduled after the Fall 2020 semester and before the Spring 2021 semester. Classes are offered remotely, with a variety of general education core courses to choose from.

Courses are offered from December 14, 2020 through January 8, 2021:

  • BIOL-1307-W01 Biology II for Science Majors
  • CRIJ-1301-W01 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • ENGL-1302-W01 Composition II
  • HIST-1302-W01 United States History II
  • MATH-1342-W01 Elementary Statistical Methods
  • PSYC-2301-W01 General Psychology


To search for December mini-semester classes, click the button below and follow the steps.

TSC Course Schedule

Step 1: Select the term “Spring 2021.”

Step 2: Type a course subject into the “Subject” search field.

Step 3: Type a course number associated with the subject into the “Course Number” search field.

Step 4: Click the “Submit” button.

Step 5: Search the courses with sections of W01-W99, for example, ENGL-1302-W01.



Course Online Example


Course Online Results


December Mini-semester Academic Calendar

Mini Semester 4-Weeks
Registration Opens 10/15/2020
Last Day to Withdraw and Receive 100% Refund of Tuition and Fees (excludes non-refundable fees) 12/11/2020
Start Date 12/14/2020
Add/Drop 12/14/2020
Census Date 12/16/2020
70% Refund 12/17/2020
25% Refund 12/18/2020
Last Day to Withdraw 12/28/2020
Last Day of Class 1/7/2021
Final Exams 1/8/2021


Federal Financial Aid Eligibility for December Mini-semester

For financial aid purposes, the December mini-semester session is not considered a stand-alone term. For financial aid eligibility, the December mini-semester credit hours will be counted with Spring 2021 semester credit hours. The Financial Aid Office will adjust your cost of attendance for Spring 2021 to include the December mini-semester registration.


Important Information Regarding Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Students must complete their 2020-2021 financial aid application (FAFSA) and have established eligibility.
  • Students must only take December mini-semester courses that apply towards their degree program to be considered for federal financial aid.
  • Students who are eligible for federal financial aid, spring financial aid will apply to December mini-semester tuition and fee charges first. Any remaining aid will apply to Spring 2021 tuition and fees or other charges.
  • Students must pay out of pocket for December mini-semester classes or have enough excess financial aid to cover the combined balances.
  • Book allowances are not available during the December mini-semester. Students will be responsible to purchase their own books and supplies.
  • Transient students will not be eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Students must meet satisfactory academic progress and must be in “good” standing.



How do I apply for federal financial aid for the December Mini-semester?
You must have a current year (2020-2021) FAFSA on file to be eligible for federal financial aid. There is no additional application required. The Financial Aid Office will review your federal eligibility based on combined December mini-semester and spring registration.
Will my spring federal financial aid awards pay for my December Mini-semester courses?
Your spring federal financial aid may pay for both December mini-semester and spring semester charges. If your award is not enough to cover both semesters, you will see a balance that remains on both the December mini-semester and spring semesters. Keep in mind, additional charges will reduce any anticipated refunds.
I’m already registered full time for the spring semester. How can I cover the cost for the December mini-semester course?
If you have already been awarded a full-time package based upon your grade level and dependency status (for federal student loans), adding December mini-semester registration will not increase your Pell or Direct Loan eligibility.
When are my loans going to disburse and refund if I take classes during the December mini-semester?
Federal financial aid funds will disburse to the student’s account on or after the spring disbursement date. To be eligible for student loans, a student must be enrolled for 6 semester credit hours. Students who enroll in the December mini-semester for 3 semester credit hours will not be eligible for a student loan. If there is a credit on the student’s account, refunds will be dispersed after the spring semester census date.
Will satisfactory academic progress status be reviewed at the completion of the December Mini-semester?
There is no review after the December mini-semester. Therefore, your December mini-semester grades will not change your federal financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status for the spring semester. SAP will be reviewed at the conclusion of the spring semester.
What happens to my federal financial aid if I drop or withdraw from a December Mini-semester course?
Financial aid awards are based on combined December mini-semester and spring semester credit hours registered by the spring semester census date. If your registration falls below full-time (12 semester credit hours—combined between the December mini-semester and spring semester registration), your federal financial aid award will be adjusted.


For more information regarding your December mini-semester financial aid status, please log in to TSC Online with your TSC credentials and select Self-Service Financial Aid.

If you need further assistance, click on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgXqUnxaImI&feature=youtu.be


Financial Aid Office

Phone: 956-295-3620

Email: [email protected].

Information is subject to change without notice due to changes in federal, state and/or institutional rule and regulations.