Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What programs of study are available at TSC?
  2. TSC will be offering programs found normally at Junior Colleges, such as vocational/technical, developmental, and 2 year associate degree programs. In addition, we offer courses in the General Education Core Curriculum.

  3. How can I apply for admissions?
  4. There are a number of ways you can apply for admissions to Texas Southmost College.

    1. Online via the Apply Texas application.
    2. In person by visiting the Computer Lab located at the Oliveira Student Services Center
    3. At various recruitment events that take place throughout the region
  5. Can I earn college credit through dual enrollment courses before I graduate from high school?
  6. Yes, under the dual enrollment program high school students are offered an opportunity to enroll in course work that may earn credits towards the requirements for high school graduation as well as college credit. Speak to your high school counselor for more information on what courses are offered at your high school.

  7. If I do not have legal residency in the United States, can I still attend TSC?
    • Yes
    • If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you must provide proof of living in Texas 12 months prior to the first day of classes so you don’t get charged the out-of-state tuition.
  8. Can a student who graduates from a high school in Mexico attend TSC?
  9. YES, a student who graduates from a high school in Mexico can attend TSC. Students must send transcripts to an agency for evaluation. Contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 956-295-3600 or [email protected] for assistance or stop by the Oliveira Student Services Center (formerly the Oliveira Library) for help.

  10. International Students – Admission Process
  11. Prospective applicants, who fall under international status, must first submit an application along with the required admission documents. Contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 956-295-3600 or [email protected] for assistance or stop by the Oliveira Student Services Center (formerly the Oliveira Library) for help.

  12. I don’t have a social security number; can I still apply for admissions to TSC?
  13. YES. A bill passed for undocumented students giving them the opportunity to study at any college or university in the state of Texas and pay tuition as a Texas Resident. To qualify under Senate Bill 1528 a student must have:

    • Graduate from a high school
    • Lived in Texas for 36 months leading up to high school graduation or completion of GED (do not need to live with parents)
    • Live in Texas for the previous 12 months prior to enrollment (can overlap the 36 month period)
  14. Do I have to attend orientation?
  15. Yes, All new students are required to attend a New Student Orientation as part of their admission requirements. Information regarding Orientation dates and how to register for one, can be found on the orientation website.

  16. How can I schedule a campus tour?
  17. Personal or group tours can be requested by visiting the Campus Visits page.

  18. Does TSC offer campus housing?
  19. NO, we currently do not have campus housing.

  20. How can I register for classes?
  21. Once you receive your credentials (username and password) registration can be done through TSC Online or in person at the Oliveira Student Services Center.

  22. What is my username and password for TSC Online?
  23. Username: firstname.lastname###
    Password: A temporary password would be assigned.
    The Office of Admissions and Records will be sending you this information electronically once you apply to TSC. 

  24. How am I affected if I withdraw from a class?
  25. Withdrawing from a class will not impact your GPA, but it might impact your academic standing. To remain in good academic standing, a student must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.000, as outlined by the Student Academic Standing (SAS) policy.

  26. I’m getting a prerequisite block. How can I clear it?
  27. The Office of Admissions and Records does not override any blocks. Please visit with the appropriate department to discuss any options available. If approval is granted, the Registrar must receive notice granting permission to register via email.

  28. Can I register for a closed class?
  29. No, students will have to wait until a seat becomes available. Usually during adds and drops, some seats may become available. Please continue to view the “Search for Courses†section on TSC Online for any updates on a specific course.

  30. When can I register for classes?
  31. For more information, visit the One-Stop-Shop Student Services Center web page.