Cashiers & Student Accounting

The office of Cashiers & Student Accounting is responsible for the billing of tuition and fees for students, collecting and analyzing all student charges and fees, refund polices, sponsorships, creating payment plans to help students get their accounts paid off, disbursing the student and parent refunds, issuing parking permits.

Student Accounting is committed to helping our students and their families meet their financial obligations to the college by providing superior quality service. Texas Southmost College (TSC) Student Accounting takes pride in our accurate and immediate response to your inquiries and our ability to take appropriate actions regarding all student accounts in compliance with Federal, State and local government regulations, and responding to student and parent inquiries about these financial issues in a helpful, informed and courteous manner through our teamwork.

Mission Statement

Welcome to Texas Southmost College! Our mission at the office of Cashier & Student Accounting is to provide remarkable service to all our students, maintaining the accuracy of student accounts and being responsive to student’s needs in a timely and accurate manner. As part of student services we are responsible for maintaining all student’s tuition account and the college receivables. We assist our students in meeting their obligations with the focus on financial integrity and accountability. If you need assist with tuition billing, mandatory fees, emergency loans or needs of additional information please feel free to contact our department.

Services provided
  • Student Invoicing
  • Payments

Contact Information

Department of Business Services

Director of Business Services
Berta Orive
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 956-295-3410

Student Accounting
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 956-295-3634

Cashiers Office
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 956-295-3420