TSC welding sparks opportunity for returning student

David Cid is looking forward to a new chapter at Texas Southmost College later this month, especially after his last experience at the college, which he calls life changing and rewarding.

It was only one month ago that the 22-year-old was making sparks fly in the TSC welding labs at the International Technology, Education and Commerce Center (ITECC) and receiving his certificate of completion.

Cid also started his career immediately upon completing the program.

“For someone who’s first career option wasn’t welding, I have come to realize that this is where I’m meant to be,” said Cid. “I’ve definitely always had an interest in learning how to weld and TSC has allowed me to take this interest beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Cid now works with EHP Powder Coating and Aluminum Fabrication in Brownsville and Laguna Heights as a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder fabricating boat towers.

“Making this career move was one of the easiest decisions for me and I know because everything began falling into place when I enrolled. I never thought I would be hired somewhere this quick,” he said. “I’ve gained invaluable skills that are in demand, I have a career and now I see myself going somewhere.”

The Brownsville native started his college education as a Criminal Justice major at TSC, but due to financial hardships during the pandemic, he had to withdraw.

Upon withdrawing, he got a job with the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) as a general laborer doing repairs and maintenance across the city and saving money to return to TSC for its welding program.

He said, BPUB opened his eyes even more to the welding field and other crafts trade careers.

“The moment I pick up that welding rod, all of my problems melt away,” said Cid. “It has me thinking, how else can I grow, where can I go from here, and you know what, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.”

Cid has returned to TSC to complete the college’s Advanced Welding program, which dives deeper into the trade and types of welding.

“There is no better place for me or others to train than at TSC,” he said. “The labs are new, equipped with everything we need and will see out in industry. This, in addition to the instructors, is what makes us successful and why I decided to return.”

In the meantime, Cid plans on gaining as much experience as possible with his current company, enough to someday become a traveling welder, visiting new places and working toward becoming his own boss.

“That’s always been a dream of mine…to own a business,” he said. “I’m now one step closer to making that dream come true and welding is showing me the light.”

Full scholarships are available for those who qualify for TSC’s Welding program through the college’s Workforce Training and Continuing Development department.

For more information, visit TSC’s Workforce Training and Continuing Education or call 956-295-3724.