TSC’s RGV Focus grant will help increase industry certifications

A Texas Mutual Workforce Grant recently presented to Texas Southmost College is a fund that will go a long way in ensuring opportunities for TSC faculty and students.

The $30,000 grant will allow students to earn certifications in credit and non-credit workforce programs offered at TSC that demonstrate students have mastered a specific skill set. Faculty will be able to earn new certifications to add to the TSC inventory.

In addition, the donation will be used to host pop-up food pantries around campus to help workforce students while they are attending courses.

TSC President Jesus Roberto Rodriguez said everything that TSC is doing to move the community forward takes strong partnerships, like the one we have with RGV Focus.

“Thank you to RGV Focus for recognizing our efforts,” he said. “This donation is going to help approximately 500 students and staff earn a credential or industry recognized certificate, which are extremely important in making our students more marketable in the job market.”

The focus of this grant is to increase the number of students earning certifications in training programs such as forklift operations, electrical, and other craft trade programs as well as add certifications such as the Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) certification.

“At RGV Focus, we really pride ourselves in the work we do with our partners,” said Rodney Rodriguez, Ph.D., senior director for RGV Focus. “We have formed a great partnership with TSC, and with our partners at Texas Mutual we are able to help the college enhance their students’ ability to enter the industry and add to the value of educational services provided by TSC.”

TSC Board Chair Ruben Herrera said every service TSC offers is important to the success of our student, including ensuring students don’t go hungry, which is why part of this grant will fund campus wide pop-up food pantry initiatives.

“There is so much that can affect a student’s success, but hunger doesn’t have to be one of them,” said Herrera. “We are so honored to be working with RGV Focus and that they are assisting us in filling this need and ensuring that we combat hunger for our students. We want them to finish ‘Scorpion Strong’ and this is going to make it happen.”

President Rodriguez said he looks forward to growing and enhancing the partnership and further collaborating with RGV Focus in servicing the TSC community.

“Over the past four years we have seen enrollment grow by approximately 50%, we are seeing completion rates of a certificate or associate degree significantly increase, and we have students graduating in less time,” said Rodriguez. “Our students are reaping the rewards of these partnerships and helping us grow stronger.”