New classes at TSC give students more educational opportunities

Texas Southmost College works diligently to offer students new course offerings often that will add value to the education and training they receive.

With a recent enrollment increase, TSC has included nine new courses for summer and fall 2021: Art History I, Art History II, Digital Art, Business Principles, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Western Civilization I, Chorale Ensemble and Music Fundamentals.

Chorale Ensemble has already started and classes beginning in the summer are Economics, Business and Art History II courses.

Dirk Yarker, TSC interim chair of the Arts, Business and History department, said introducing TSC’s newest courses has been a year in the making and he’s excited about the new class lineup.

“Students need to have as many class options as possible available to them,” he said. “This expands their knowledge and experience. This allows them to get excited about their education.”

Yarker said it has taken work and collaboration from TSC faculty and administration to find faculty members who could teach the courses, integrate courses into the curriculum and get approvals from external agencies.

“It’s important that we take all of the necessary steps to get courses not only approved to teach, but also for financial aid and credit-transferring purposes,” he said. “It’s opportunities like these that create and produce well-rounded students.”

All new course offerings are transferrable to any four-year university in Texas.

Yarker says that the courses added, in the past, have been suggested by students and he wants students to know their input was valued.

TSC Art Adjunct Instructor Clarissa Martinez, who will be teaching the new Digital Art class, one of the six new classes beginning in the fall, said she thinks it will be popular among students.

“Digital art is the now and is the future,” she said. “This class is going to give students a skill that can be applied anywhere they go, especially if they’re interested in pursuing a career in art.”

Students in this course will get hands-on training using industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

They will also get to learn the basics of design and animation and create a portfolio of their work.

“I’m really excited to be teaching this course, but more excited to give our students this opportunity and for them to create projects they can be proud of,” she said. “It’s going to be a positive and encouraging learning environment. This isn’t only a class, but it could be a great start to a career in graphic design, advertising or marketing.”

Other courses that have already begun, like Chorale Ensemble, are giving students a chance to showcase their new skills by singing for TSC’s virtual commencement ceremonies, with hopes of performing in front of a live audience when it’s safe to do so.

“These new courses are opening doors of opportunity for our students,” said Yarker. “This is a chance for them to discover and explore new interests, while working toward a degree. It’s safe to say there are other new courses coming in the near future and we’re very excited for our students, and we want them to be excited too.”

Summer classes begin June 7 and July 13. Fall classes begin August 23. To register, click here.