TSC Architecture program helps alum build solid future

Texas Southmost College gave Architecture alum Jose Muñoz a learning experience that helped him structure a path toward a successful career.

“I gained real-world experiences at TSC that I don’t think I would have received anywhere else,” said the Brownsville native. “It prepared me for everything that was to come.”

The 28-year-old had received a number of college and university acceptance letters, but he chose to accept TSC’s because it was close to home, which was crucial for Muñoz.

“My mom was diagnosed with cancer as I was getting ready to enter college. I couldn’t leave her,” he said. “Unfortunately, after fighting the good fight, she passed away, but what gives me comfort is knowing she got to see me graduate from TSC.”

Muñoz first earned a certificate in Construction Technology and Green Building from the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

He then went on to earn an associate degree from TSC’s Architecture program and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Engineering Technology.

“TSC was a great starting point for me and I would do it all over again if I had to,” said Muñoz. “Instructors really care about our success and have our best interests in mind.”

But what really sets TSC apart from other colleges and universities for Muñoz is the hands-on, community service he had the opportunity to participate in as a student in TSC’s Architecture program.

“This is a field where learning from a book works just fine, but getting to practice what you learn is even better,” he said. “Thanks to TSC’s Architecture program I got to complete projects for the city of Brownsville and network with industry professionals.”

As a student, Muñoz got to design and build a city garden for the Brownsville Wellness Coalition that he says is still thriving.

Muñoz has come a long way since his days of textbooks and school projects.

He is now a project manager for Origoworks in Brownsville, a design-oriented real estate development firm.

He has been at the firm for three years, rising to his current position quickly.

“I love what I do. I’ve always enjoyed the challenges that this field brings and seeing projects go from paper and two-dimensional renderings to reality,” he said. “And its TSC and what I learned there that helped me start all of this and connect all of the dots.”

Muñoz said he is always recommending TSC’s Architecture program and is glad that Origoworks recognizes the skill that graduates from the college can bring to the team.

“We have several TSC grads at the firm and they never disappoint,” he said. “We know they come to us prepared and knowledgeable with an understanding of why we do what we do. We can’t go wrong with a TSC grad.”

Finding success has been motivating for Muñoz. He said he hopes to continue growing at Origoworks and someday owning a construction company to build custom homes.

For more information about TSC’s Architecture program, visit tsc.edu.

Registration for summer and fall 2021 begins April 1.