TSC receives grant to help former students get back in college

Texas Southmost College.

Texas Southmost College was recently awarded a Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to help students who leave school, usually for financial, family or health reasons, reenroll at TSC to accomplish their educational goals.

The grant is in the amount of $112,500 and will be used to cover the remaining balance of tuition and fees after financial aid is applied.

“TSC’s mission is to transform the communities it serves through innovative learning opportunities and ensure that students have access to affordable, high-quality education. This grant will allow us to continue toward this mission,” said Executive Director of Enrollment and Academic Support Services Vanessa Vasquez.

To receive this financial assistance, students must reenroll in one of these 13 certificate or associate degree programs: Accounting Technology; Computer Information Systems; Medical Coding and Billing; Residential Electrician; Automotive Technology and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Administrative Management; Business Management and Technology; Teaching early childhood through sixth grade, fourth through eighth grade, eighth through twelfth grade, early childhood through twelfth grade physical education; and social work.

Vasquez said these programs were chosen because each of them is listed on the Texas Workforce Commission’s Targeted Occupation List for Cameron County and will lead to professions in the county that are currently listed on the Texas Workforce Development toolkit as high demand, high quality.

“There are a number of students in each of these programs who have stopped out due to COVID-19 and could benefit from the assistance this grant provides,” said Vasquez. “The impact of this fund is pivotal, allowing students to get back on track to graduate, pursue further education, get hired for high-valued jobs and contribute to the economy.”

To be eligible to receive assistance from the Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant, a student must be a Texas resident and must complete their program within 12 months of enrolling.

“By offering reenrolled students this type of financial support we forge a manageable path to reentering higher education so students can obtain their college degree. It allows us to strengthen the link between leading industries in the area,” said Vasquez. “This funding opportunity is crucial to us in fostering student success and leading regional workforce development.”

To learn if you qualify or to get more information, contact TSC’s Admissions Office at 956-295-3462 or email [email protected].