TSC Board of Trustees elect Herrera chairman

Newly elected TSC Board Chair Ruben Herrera.

While newly elected Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees Chairman Ruben Herrera never planned to become a public figure, he felt a duty to serve the college that provided him with life-changing opportunities. In the five years he has served on the TSC board, he has been steadfast in his dedication to creating positive changes for the community.

“It’s an honor to serve TSC in this capacity,” said Herrera. “I’ve always been in tune with the college. It’s very near and dear to my heart.”

He was first elected to the board in 2016. Prior to being elected chair by his fellow board members, he served as board secretary and vice chair.

Herrera is no stranger to the challenges students face as they enroll at TSC for the first time.

After moving to the Rio Grande Valley from Matamoros in 1988 without any high school credentials, TSC became a sign of hope and changed his life for the better.

“I wanted to be a police officer, but with no high school diploma it was going to be difficult getting accepted into the academy,” he said. “But with TSC’s help, I took all of the proper assessments I needed to be placed in the correct classes. And the rest…history.”

Herrera went on to earn an associate degree in general studies and in law enforcement and credits his success to his instructors and his time in the TSC honors program.

“I had the best time at TSC,” he said. “We have a distinguished group of instructors, always have and always will. They care about their students’ success and educational experiences.”

Through his experiences and cultural immersion trips to Mexico as part of the honors program, Herrera gained confidence and motivation to not only pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, but also go to law school.

“My goal was to graduate from TSC, apply to the border patrol or other agencies and work in law enforcement, but there were other plans for me,” he said. “I decided to become an attorney.”

Herrera is now a practicing criminal defense attorney with his office in Brownsville.

“It was never my plan to become a public figure. All of it was so new to me,” he said. “But I’m proud of TSC and what it did for me and what it does for our community. I am a product of TSC and I felt it was my duty to serve the college.”

Since serving on the board, Herrera has been a part of making important decisions for the college and its students, as well as being a steward of the college’s financial resources.

By maintaining open communication and a strong relationship with TSC administration, the TSC Board of Trustees have been able to maintain low tuition rates, have not increased taxes, have developed countless programs, hired talented and skilled professors and have approved campus building enhancements and renovations.

“Everything we have achieved comes from a culmination of hard work and some sleepless nights,” said Herrera. “There is a lot of satisfaction knowing we are making positive changes for our students and our community.”

Herrera said since his time as a student to the present, he is amazed at the college’s transformation.

“TSC has grown tremendously and has seen great success,” he said. “As board chair, I plan to continue to grow the institution, support the vision and mission of TSC, its president, and administration, and represent our college and students positively.”

He said he is who he is today because of TSC.

“TSC was life-changing for me,” said Herrera. “The college opened doors of opportunity and I want to work to provide the same opportunities for others.”