TSC Board of Trustees approves 20% tuition scholarship for Spring 2021

TSC Board of Trustees approves 20% tuition scholarship for Spring 2021.

Well into the eighth month of COVID-19, the stressors of the pandemic are anything but over, meaning many students are still struggling and needing financial relief.

Texas Southmost College understands the struggle, and as part of the college’s ongoing comprehensive CARES initiative, all students enrolled during the Spring 2021 semester will receive a 20% reduction in their tuition. This follows the awarding of more than $455,000 in tuition reduction scholarships by TSC’s Board of Trustees for the Fall 2020 semester.

“TSC focuses on the well-being of our students,” said TSC President Jesus Roberto Rodriguez. “We are doing our best to provide the relief they need to continue their education and work toward their academic goals. We remain steadfast in making higher education affordable for our community.”

On Monday, the TSC Board of Trustees gathered for a special meeting to discuss and approve the scholarship which effectively reduces each student’s tuition by 20%.

TSC’s newly-elected Board of Trustee Chairman Ruben Herrera said as the pandemic continues, many students still face disruptions that put their education at risk. And he wants every TSC student to know that TSC leadership is doing everything it can to alleviate the stress.

“Here at TSC we are a family, and families help each other out,” he said. “Our students need to know that we are here to help them find success and this tuition scholarship has been designed to help them continue their education no matter their situation. Students can remain confident that during these uncertain times, we are here to support them.”

The scholarship will be applied automatically for all students enrolled during the Spring 2021 semester, whether they reside in or outside the college’s district.

For student and Student Government Association Secretary Anaid Zapata this is a much-appreciated effort.

“For TSC to recognize that students need help is phenomenal,” said the 19-year-old. “Assistance like this is important to our education. It’s what allows us to move forward with our education and work toward better lives.”

Zapata added that she is 100% grateful for the help she has received from TSC.

“What TSC is doing is encouraging to us as students, especially during this pandemic that comes with so much uncertainty,” said Zapata. “Because one thing that is certain is that our well-being and education are top priorities for them; I admire that. Thank you TSC.”

Registration for Spring 2021 continues through January 15, and classes begin January 18.

For more information or to register for Spring 2021, visit tsc.edu/register or email [email protected].