TSC implements new emergency management system

TSC Safety and Security Command Center

Texas Southmost College has integrated a new Safety and Security Command Center on its campus that is increasing security presence and partnerships among the college and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

“I’m grateful for the support I have received from TSC’s president and Board of Trustees in establishing this center,” said TSC Executive Director of Environmental Health, Security and Risk Management Jaime Salazar. “Although it’s still a work in progress, this center has been a year in the making, and it has allowed us to fully integrate an enhanced emergency management system.”

Salazar, who worked more than three decades in governmental safety and security, leads the command center located on Ridgley Rd., which was envisioned by the TSC Board of Trustees and TSC President Jesus Roberto Rodriguez.

The Safety and Security Command Center serves as an incident command post with a crisis communication room and conference room to gather with college officials and law enforcement in case of natural or man-made disasters, and has been built upon new law enforcement and emergency management partnerships.

TSC is working closely with the Brownsville Police Department, Department of Public Safety, United States Customs and Border Protection and Cameron County Emergency Management.

“These new strategies and partnerships have enhanced our safety and security on campus,” said Salazar. “It has allowed us to network and provide training for agencies, which in turn lets them get familiar with our campus.”

A hybrid security model has also been implemented on campus thanks to TSC’s partnership with the Brownsville Police Department.

The model provides TSC with patrolling from a security company and Brownsville Police Department off-duty police officers.

“The goal for TSC’s new emergency management system is to increase security, mitigate risk and maintain a safe environment for learning and working at TSC,” said Salazar. “With strategic direction from TSC leadership, we are moving in the right direction.”

Salazar is working closely with college administration on expanding TSC’s video surveillance system and improving access control for entrances and exits across campus.

“The vision is to bring security and emergency technology, coordination and collaboration together,” said Salazar. “It has been an honor leading this new strategy and we look forward to expanding on our current resources.”